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"Are You a Painter Looking for an Incredible Website and a Powerful Name to Help Your Marketing Efforts Soar?"

In 5 Minutes could be your website!


Advertise a Great Website Name
Boost Your Marketing Power
Build a Memorable Brand
Establish Instant Credibility will give you instant credibility and dramatically improve your marketing efforts.

Imagine what kind of impression you will make on potential customers when they read on the side of your van . . . . You will make a GREAT impression!

What about when you hand them a business card with

Customers will instinctively feel more confident hiring a company with a strong website name.

Once your customers see your website it will only confirm to them that you are on the ball and it will give them the impression that you are a professional and have a high quality painting business.

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The Name                       
  • Is Impressive!
  • Is Easy to Remember!
  • Gives You Instant Credibility!

This Website Design:
  • Looks Great!
  • Is Easy to Navigate!
  • Says all the Right Things!
  • Is All Done for You!

Tomorrow, when someone asks you, "Do You Have a Website?"
You can reply, "I Sure Do!  It's!"

You’ve been thinking about a website, so sign up today and be done with it. Period. No fuss, no hassles, no headaches, no upkeep, no additional money, research or meetings with web designers, nothing to write. 

Do you have any idea of the cost and trouble of getting a professional good looking website up and going?  It can be in the thousands, believe me we’ve spent plenty on them – (this is just one of our sites).

We are a turnkey program: a one-stop shop for the website portion of your marketing plan

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We’ve incurred the upfront cost and taken care of the problems. Plus we incur the cost going forward: improvements to the pages, design, layout and mapping; content management, search engine optimization, link building, and other maintenance.
All these things are required to have an effective site that ranks when a potential customer does an Internet search.
Even a bare bones do-it-self website will require setup and hosting fees, of course someone has to write it and load photos and graphics and so on… a basic site can run you close to a grand. Plus we’ve all seen those homemade sites, and they are really disappointing aren’t they?
So, simplify your life, subscribe to this website, it looks amazing, it’s inexpensive, you’ll be hard pressed to get a better name and it’s done now and in the future, nothing to do but market it.


Best Of All. . . .
Your Territory is 100% Exclusive!

There is no long term contract. We are strictly month to month.

While we are not a lead generating service per se, with such excellent Internet rankings you are bound to get leads.  You will get them delivered directly to your email box and only your email box with no additional "cost per lead" like those other websites charge.

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You may also request your Free CD and leave a message 24 hours a day at 1-877-655-3445

Our email is

Thank you for your interest in this groundbreaking program.

Wishing You Success,
Scott Patterson president, a home painting marketing website
Scott Patterson

P.S. You can be done with your website decision in about 90 seconds by clicking here to sign-up and you will be "live" marketing your painting company on the Internet immediately!

P.P.S.You will receive a free pair of truck magnets so that you can jump start your marketing and show everyone you drive past that you are the!

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